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2015A comparison of heart rate variability in women at the third trimester of pregnancy and during low-risk labourGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Reyes Lagos, José Javier; Echeverría Arjonilla, Juan Carlos; Peña Castillo, Miguel Ángel; García González, María Teresa; Ortiz Pedroza, María del Rocío; Vargas García, Carlos; Camal Ugarte, Sergio; González Camarena, Ramón
2014Circulating glucagon like peptide 1, (GLP-1) inhibits eating in male rats by acting in the hindbrain and without inducing avoidanceGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Punjabi, Mukesh; Arnold, Myrtha; Rüttimann, Elisabeth; Graber, Mariana; Geary, Nori
2017Conditioning immune and endocrine parameters in humans : a systematic reviewGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Tekampe, Judith; Van Middendorp, Henriët; Meeuwis, Stefanie H.; Van Leusden, Jelle W.R.; Hermus, A.R.M.M; Evers, A.W.M
2013Diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 inhibition enhances intestinal fatty acid oxidation and reduces energy intake in ratsGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Schober, Gundrun; Arnold, Myrtha; Birtles, Susan; Buckett;, Linda K.; Turnbull, Andrew V.; Langhans, Wolfgang; Mansouri, Abdelhak
2015Exogenous oxytocin reduces signs of sickness behavior and modifies heart rate fluctuations of endotoxemic ratsGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Reyes Lagos, José Javier; Hadamitzky, Martin; Peña Castillo, Miguel Ángel; Echeverría Arjonilla, Juan Carlos; Bösche, Katharina; Lückemann, Laura; Schedlowski, Manfred
sep-2019Food Disgust Scale: Spanish versionLeonor Garcia-Gomez, 0000-0002-2930-7917; César Romero-Rebollar, 0000-0002-9090-7663; Guillaume Ferreira, 0000-0001-5984-8143; Michael Siegrist, 0000-0002-6139-7190; Salvador Villalpando-Carrion, 0000-0003-2918-7991; RUTH GUTIERREZ-AGUILAR, 0000-0001-5077-9102; Gustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Hartmann, Christina
2015Inconsistencies in the hypophagic action of intracerebroventricular insulin in miceGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Mc Allister, Eugenia; Woods, Stephen C.; Langhans, Wolfgang
2016Oxytocin’s role on the cardiorespiratory activity of endotoxemic ratsGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Elorza Ávila, Ana Rosa; Reyes Lagos, José Javier; Hadamitzky, Martin; Peña Castillo, Miguel Ángel; Echeverría, Juan Carlos; Ortiz Pedroza, María del Rocío; Lückemannc, Laura; Schedlowskic, Manfred
2017Palatable hyper-caloric foods impact on neuronal plasticityKioko Guzmán-Ramos, 0000-0002-5180-4127; Gustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Pascal Morin, Jean, 0000-0001-8221-4982; Rodrguez Durán, Luis F.; Perez Cruz, Claudia; Ferreira, Guillaume; Diaz Cintra, Sofia
2014Physiological immunological and evolutionary perspectives of labor as an inflammatory processGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Reyes Lagos, José Javier; Echeverría Arjonilla, Juan Carlos; Peña Castillo, Miguel Angel; Montiel Castro, Augusto J.
2014Social neuroeconomics : the influence of microbiota in partner choice and socialityGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Báez Yáñez, Mario G.; Montiel Castro, Augusto J.
2016Spatial memory impairment is associated with intraneural amyloid-? immunoreactivity and dysfunctional arc expression in the hippocampal-CA3 region of a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s diseaseJean-Pascal Morin, 0000-0001-8221-4982; Gustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Federico Bermudez_Rattoni, 0000-0003-2056-6119; Cerón Solano, Giovanni; Velázquez Campos, Giovanna; Díaz Cintra, Sofía
2016Switching adolescent high-fat diet to adult control diet restores neurocognitive alterationsGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Boitard, Chloé; ParkesL, Shauna L; Cavaroc, Amandine; Tantot, Frédéric; Nathalie, Castanon; Layé, Sophie; Tronel, Sophie; Coutureau, Etienne; Ferreira, Guillaume
2013The microbiota-gut-brain axis: neurobehavioral correlates, health and socialityGustavo Pacheco-Lopez, 0000-0002-3458-197X; Rina Gonzalez-Cervantes, 0000-0002-5617-2253; Montiel Castro, Augusto; Bravo Ruiseco, Gabriela